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OMMEC MODERNA originates from two companies:

OMMEC founded in the early '70s producing carpentry, mechanical components and assemblies for various industries and special machines on order. Known and respected nationally for its flexibility and capacity for items of all sizes, from prototype quantities to large series.
MODERNA, founded in the early '50s in Bologna, a manufacturer of washing and degreasing machines, dry cleaning machines, ironing machines and water purification systems. Moderna was the first company in Italy to manufacture dry cleaning machines with names like "Due Torri" and "Rocca Bianca" and the first to manufacture washing machines under license from Bupi Austriaca. For washing machines in the '70s - '80s, Moderna created an indipendent Division named CoopCam, which became leader of the market especially for the special machines, for cleaning any kind of material, from rail cars to condoms. Moderna has also been a global leader in the market of machines for the maintenance of tissues, by exporting its machines in over 37 countries.

OMMEC MODERNA Srl since 2007 continues with its production to the markets of the companies from which it comes and seeks to expand its markets of business and its range of products, by pursuing like main objectives technological innovation, flexibility, and customer satisfaction.

OMMEC MODERNA, to pursue its goals of continuous improvement is supported by advanced computer systems; in fact the inner programming bi / tridimensional center is now greatly strengthened by the inclusion of new hardware and software systems to meet the needs of customers which are more and more qualified and diverse. The center offers a complete service, from conceptual design study, up to the cycle of series production.

OMMEC MODERNA investing in its fleet machines, among which stand out the laser-plasma-oxigas cutting machines, to cut sheets of any thickness; CNC bending machine, CNC machine tools such as lathes and milling machines conventional and CNC both.

OMMEC MODERNA now offers a highly qualified and complete service in the various sectors of specialization, including carpentry contract basis on procurement, and in particular carpentry for rides, agricultural machines, structures for buildings (manufacture steel beams) and light, medium and heavy in general carpentry.

OMMEC MODERNA internally performs multiple processing stages remaining a only reference point for customers.