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Sheet metal cutting and working

To be competitive, independent, quick to produce and provide a complete service to the customer Ommec Moderna uses machinery for sheet metal working such as:

  • Shear Gasparini;
  • Syncrono Laser:

    The fiber laser allows to cut thin material with higher speed sheet metal (up to 3 mm) and ensures accuracy even on very complex trajectories.. The unique design and revolutionary and 6 g acceleration can reach the necessary dynamics to the sheet metal fiber technology, the use of fiber lasers to cut even highly reflective materials such as copper and brass

    SYNCRONO is based on a totally original solution. These are two machines in one, perfectly synchronized by the control: a small and light head with two aces high dynamics and minimum moving masses, and a big machine with a large work area (3000x1500mm). The two machines are coordinated by algorithms to distribute the movements throughout the axes. An active compensation cancels the vibrations from the high dynamics for which the workpiece is stationary during the processing.

    The cutting speed and accuracy allow a reduction in costs, greater efficiency, high quality of the results, homogeneity of the products in series and also a less environmental pollution.

  • Plasma cutting system Soitaab with oxyfuel;    

ossitaglio    Laser_Syncrono



  • Cnc press brake;
  • Calender for rings;
  • Welding systems capacitor discharge;
  • Pneumatic riveter for rivets;
  • Pneumatic riveter for inserts;
  • Welder resistance of 20 and 50 KVA;